What is marine cloud brightening?

Why do we need to better understand the role of aerosols on our ecosystems? And what can it help us learn? To provide the answer is Kelly Wanser, a climate innovation expert and founder and executive director of SilverLining. Kelly joins Climate Curious to explain the cooling effects of particles on clouds. Recorded live at TED 2024.

Climate Quickie: How the tide turned on fossil fuels

Big Oil must read the writing on the wall. From denial to delusion, fossil fuels are finally taking their last gasp breath in the court of public opinion. Climate Curious catches up with Tzeporah Berman at TED 2024 to reflect on the progress of The Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty and what’s contributed towards Big Oil’s demise. We’ve reached a tipping point, and this time, it’s a good one!

Climate Quickie: What’s going on in Madagascar?

Malagasy political analyst and activist Ketakandriana Rafitoson joins Climate Curious to share how she’s empowering citizens in Madagascar to protect their rights in the face of systemic exploitation. In the absence of strong democratic traditions, her grassroots toolkit of citizen assemblies, legal aid and collective action is helping environmental defenders peacefully protect their rights to the land. Recorded at TED 2024.

The hidden injustice behind wildfire fighting in California

Did you know, the incarcerated are fighting California’s wildfires? A practice which is also happening in 14 other States in the U.S. Royal Ramey, a wildland firefighter, is working to change that. Joining Climate Curious in conversation live at TED 2024, Royal shares how his nonprofit in California is helping the formerly incarcerated rethink job training and address the challenges they face re-entering the workforce.

Climate Quickie: Why NATURE is 2024’s biggest breakout popstar

Welcome to planet pop: NATURE is now a fully-fledged recording artist! Sounds Right has launched a creative music initiative featuring ocean waves, wind, rainstorms and birdsong, to raise money for nature-based solutions, in partnership with pop stars such as Ellie Goulding, Brian Eno and London Grammar. Climate Curious speaks to global programme director Gabriel Smales to learn more about these banging eco beats.