I’ve worked with Nobel prize winning academics,
billionaire philanthropists, business leaders
and students – anyone who wants to
tell better stories and tell stories better.

But, once upon a time …

I worked at a small human rights charity in London. Every day I saw us fail to reach the people and institutions we needed to influence to stop real people suffering. One day, in 2011, I was invited to a livestream of the first ever TEDWomen conference. I was in awe.

Because of that, I started to see the power of storytelling to create impact. Because of that, I made it my mission to take complex and difficult ideas and turn them into persuasive and memorable stories.

Until finally, a decade later, I run one of the world’s top TEDx events, have worked with hundreds of speakers who have been heard by tens of millions of people, changed the law in England and Wales and raised $1 billion to fight climate change.

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Where you might have seen me

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Storytelling is universal

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Who I've worked with.

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Who I've worked with.

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How we can work together

We all want the same thing – to be listened to, taken seriously and to have impact. Depending on what you need, I typically help in one of three ways.


 With individual speakers, I offer one-to-one coaching on creating and delivering great content.


 For teams, I provide workshops that teach a set of powerful tools they can use in all their future communication opportunities.


 If you’re building an event, fundraising dinner or webinar, my consulting service will help you curate the speakers and build a format that will have the greatest impact.

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