“Crushes it! Maryam was a total joy to work with. She ably coached 50 conservation professionals for a virtual expert series on oceans and climate that we organized. Thoughtful, effective, insightful, and disarming in her coaching. She worked very well with the production team and the event organizers and received rave reviews across the board from the speakers (myself included). Highly recommend.”

Matthew Elliott
Executive Director

Matthew Elliot

Maryam was an absolute gift to work with, making everyone from Nobel laureates to Obama Administration Cabinet members to me refine our messages and bring out our own, authentic voice—and all this using only Zoom as a tool during the pandemic. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Jennifer R. Kitt
Climate Leadership Initiative

Jennifer R. Kitt

Maryam and her team have transformed our external communications – from her coaching on scripts, presentations, and the combination of the two.  Her rigorous focus on audience-centric messaging has already made an impact with our key audiences.  We are so grateful for her help and expertise!

Jennifer Stokes
Managing Director – Development
Rocky Mountain Institute

Jennifer Stokes

Maryam was a dream to work with throughout the workshop planning process. I really felt that she took the time to get to know the participants – a group of young women in their late teens and twenties and they, in turn, got a lot out of her session. It was interactive, funny, interesting and candid. Maryam created an atmosphere where the women felt comfortable asking questions, sharing personal stories and really building a rapport with Maryam and each other. I would definitely use Maryam again and would recommend her services to anyone looking for an engaging, attentive and intuitive speaker who hits all the right notes. Thank you, Maryam!

Elana Dwek
Head of Alumni Relations and Stewardship
University College School

Elana Dwek