Climate Quickie: IPCC report – hope we can take

Good news – the solutions we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with the IPCC’s targets are all invented and available today, says Anand Gopal, the Executive Director of Policy Research at Energy Innovation on TEDxLondon’s Climate Curious. If you’re looking for a solutions-focused debrief of the intense IPCC report published last week, you’re in the right place!

Climate mixtape: IPCC reflections

What hope can we take from the intense IPCC report released this week? Climate Curious spoke to five experts to compile our first ever mixtape! A mashup of expert hot takes designed to soothe your soul and raise your spirits. As Isaias Hernandez puts it, “Evidence based hope is not just this wishful type of thinking. It’s actually rooted in this continued momentum of progress that is being made.”

Featuring contributions from:
Mark Dyson, RMI
Isaias Hernandez, environmental educator
Tessa Khan, Uplift
Jessica Kleczka, climate psychologist
Dr. Faith Mwangi Powell, Girls Not Brides

Climate Quickie: What is space trash?

Space trash could impact our ability to gather climate data, says former NASA astronaut, Kathy Sullivan, on TEDxLondon’s Climate Curious. As fellow crew members on the spaceship that is planet Earth, tune in to learn about intergalactic waste, why space-based observations are crucial for climate action, and if Kesller syndrome could affect earth’s orbit.