Climate Quickie: Are you joining the Countdown?

This October 17th, TEDxLondon Countdown is bringing UK climate solutions to the world stage. Forget hopeless narratives, complex numbers and unreadable graphs, you’ll leave feeling empowered and inspired to kick some serious climate butt. Climate Curious speaks to TED’s youth lead Shiv Soin to learn how TED Countdown is supporting 12 TEDx events across the world. Expect local climate solutions, actions and ideas!

How do we flip the script on climate fatigue? Make it personal!

If you can’t imagine a future, how can you create it? The narratives we tell ourselves have a powerful role in the climate agency we feel able to take, says Pip Wheaton, Planet & Climate team at Ashoka, on Climate Curious by TEDxLondon. Tune in to learn about Pip’s latest research, giving you actionable tips on how to make climate change relevant to your audiences: making it personal, curating support, and realigning systems. Recorded live at Skoll World Forum in Oxford.

Climate Quickie: How Indonesia’s capital city move is displacing Indigenous Peoples

Kynan Tegar, an 18-year old filmmaker and Indigenous Dayak Iban, joins Climate Curious to unearth the truth behind Indonesia’s capital city relocation. Specifically, why the government’s move of the capital from Jakarta to Borneo – to become a so-called “sustainable forest city” – is a pipe dream. Kynan shares how the capital city move imperils his Indigenous community that has stewarded the land successfully for centuries. Recorded live at Our Village NYC Climate Week. 

Meet the Latinas championing climate justice in Chile

Living in Chile, Catalina Santelices regularly experiences firsthand the effects of a changing climate – droughts, floods, polluted food, ruined crops. That’s why Catalina co-founded Latinas for Climate, a movement that embraces young Latina identities and perspectives in climate action. Catalina joins TEDxLondon’s Climate Curious to share what’s going on in Chile, why we need an intersectional approach to climate justice, and how you can help support Latinas championing climate via HERO |

How a climate-resilient cacao farm in the Philippines is regenerating people and planet

200 Farmers, 100,000 trees, 100 hectares of restored land. The Cacao Project in the Philippines is a restorative agroforestry initiative working to build climate-resilient livelihoods for farmers. Founder Louise Mabulo joins Climate Curious to share what climate resilience is, how planting toward a full moon or burying a rock under root crops for a better yield, and why invisible knowledge might hold the key to helping us adapt our ecosystems to a changing climate. Recorded live at TED Countdown Summit 2023.

Climate Quickie: The one fashion strategy to save the planet

Next time you look into your wardrobe instead of seeing clothes, brands, logos, maybe your favourite dress, dig a little bit deeper into the story behind the clothes. Fashion designer Amy Powney joins Climate Curious to delve into the problems surrounding our pursuit of cheap clothing, from health and pollution to landfills that are visible from space. Whether you shop at Primark or Prada, Amy shares the one key strategy everyone can apply now to make a positive impact. Recorded live at TED Countdown Summit 2023.