Climate Quickie: Why Guyana is a climate hero

“It’s not a story that gets told very often… about former colonial peoples standing up against the oil industry,” says Melinda Janki, the environmental lawyer taking on Exxon Mobil in one of South America’s most beautiful nature spots, Guyana. In this Climate Quickie, we learn about what’s going on in Guyana, and why deep sea oil drilling a carbon sink (i.e. a country which removes more carbon than it produces) is straight up “crazy”.

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Climate Quickie: What it feels like to sue the government

Hear about how you take on a government and win in this week’s Climate Quickie with legal powerhouse and founding CEO of ClientEarth, James Thornton. We revisit the clip where he shares his story about shutting down coal fired power stations in Poland, one lawsuit at a time. Pretty inspiring stuff!

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Earth Day Climate Quickie: How to handle your eco-anxiety

This Earth Day, take a step back from the noise and check-in with yourself. As climate change becomes more of a living reality, more and more of us are experiencing eco-anxiety, says 22-year-old activist Clover Hogan. In this week’s Climate Quickie we revisit a clip where she shares advice of how she catalysed her own eco-anxiety to step-up, not shut down in the face of climate change.

If you enjoyed this Quickie why not listen to the full episode with Clover: why you feel anxious about climate change (and what to do about it):

Climate Quickie: Why the climate emergency is a race issue

Climate justice cannot happen without racial justice, says Member of Parliament for Tottenham and Foreign Shadow Secretary David Lammy on this week’s Climate Quickie. We’re revisiting Lammy’s episode where he explains why it’s vital for us to connect the dots between climate and racial justice, referring back to industrialisation’s exploitative past, and policies today which see black and brown people bearing the brunt of rising sea-levels, hotter temperatures and polluted air in cities.

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Climate Quickie: How your gas stove is hurting you

It turns out there are big health issues sitting in your kitchen: in your gas stove. Nobody would burn coal in their kitchen without a chimney, so why are we burning gas in our homes without one? In this Climate Quickie we catch up with Executive Directive at Climate Imperative, Bruce Nilles, about the everyday household gas appliances that are damaging our health.

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What really happens at a climate conference?

Dry science, boring monologues, scary stats? Think again. In this week’s Climate Quickie, we get the low-down from Ben and Maryam on what really goes down at a climate conference. Tune in for a quick behind-the-scenes tour of TED Countdown 2021; the week which introduced Climate Curious to so many new amazing people, inspiring ideas, and fuelled our most intersectional season to date.

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Best of Season 3

Ben Hurst and Maryam Pasha take a look back on their favourite moments of Climate Curious Season 3 by TEDxLondon. This episode provides a handy overview of some of the most powerful insights and conversations from the series recorded at TED Countdown. Get up to speed on what you missed, or refresh your memory on some of the most jaw-dropping moments yet.

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How the EV dream is becoming a reality

The end of polluting exhaust pipes is within sight, but it all depends on the actions we take together, says clean transportation expert, Anthony Eggert. Arguably one of the climate movement’s biggest success stories, electric vehicles, and the industrial sized batteries that power them, are fast-tracking us to a cleaner, quieter, healthier future. Tune in with co-hosts Maryam Pasha and Ben Hurst live from TED Countdown for this good news episode where we learn why 100% electric road transportation will benefit our climate, health, justice, and economy, how it will soon become a cheaper choice than petrol vehicles, and what an electrified Rolls Royce might look like.

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Climate Quickie: How big oil play the blame game

The fossil fuel industry wants you to think climate change is a lifestyle issue, says anti-fossil fuel environmental campaigner, Tzeporah Berman, in our latest Climate Quickie. Tune in to learn why oil companies want us to sit home, blame ourselves and focus on plastic straws.

Enjoyed this quickie? Listen to our full-length chat with Tzeporah on why fossil fuels are the weapons of mass destruction – everyone has them, but nobody needs them:

Why methane reduction is the ultimate climate hack

“Cutting methane is the single fastest, most effective opportunity to reduce climate change risks in the near term,” says atmospheric scientist Ilissa Ocko on the latest Climate Curious by TEDxLondon. That’s because methane doesn’t hang around like other greenhouse gases – but it does pack a powerful punch – so reducing it means we could slow down the rate of warming by as much as 30 percent, before 2050 – yay! Tune in with co-hosts Maryam Pasha and Ben Hurst live from TED Countdown to discover the three biggest causes of methane emissions, why methane behaves differently to carbon dioxide and why it matters, and most excitingly, get introduced to the methane satellite Ilissa’s team is launching this year – MethaneSAT.

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